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  • Travel Edition - Mini Mandalas - Tattoo Artist's Reference Book: Volume 1
  • At 51 pages, this travel size book of Mandala Art has 101 line 
drawings of Mini Mandala  designs for your viewing 
This half-size Edition Book, Mini Mandalas - Tattoo Artist's 
Reference Book: Volume 1 - Travel Edition -  is convenient for traveling Tattooers as a money maker at conventions or as a quick reference book for the road on Mini Mandalas.  

If someone cannot find a Mandala design they like after flipping through this book, the really do not want a Mandala!
  • 51 (travel size) 
pages 8.5 x 5.5 inches
(101 line drawing designs)
Mini Mandalas 

Photocopy ready and Stencil 
Machine friendly
  • 1 page  (1 line drawing design)
Circular Graph Paper  
Photocopy ready and Stencil 
Machine friendly so you can easily make our own versions
  • Promotional poster 
included in the binding, 
so you can always 
photocopy another

Unless you are keeping this Book in your private collection, 
let the world know you have this valuable and 
inspirational tool at their 
finger tips.

Travel Edition - Mini Mandalas - Tattoo Artist's Reference Book: Volume 1


Product Description

This Travel Edition ( 8.5 x 5.5 inches ) of our Mini Mandala - Tattoo Artist's Reference Book: Volume 1 - has 101 Mini Mandalas from the soon to be released full Mini Mandala Book, for a limited time only $50.00.

This book pays for itself many times over, with 101 Line Drawing Mini Mandala designs for Tattooers by a Tattooer! 8.5 x 5.5 inch Coil Bound Book - 51 pages of line drawings, photocopy-ready and stencil machine friendly designs.

The book has 101 Mini Mandala Line drawings inside in 5 different styles ! If someone cannot find a Mini Mandalas they like after flipping through this Book, then they do not want a mini Mandala!

The power of a line drawing, as a tool in the hands of a Artistic Tattooer is that if you gave the exact same line drawing to 5 Tattoo artists, they would all add their own personal touches and personal style of coloring and embellishments, so that you would get 5 distinct Tattoos outcomes from the common source. As another example of the power of a line drawing, as a tool in the hands of a Artistic Tattooer, is that even the same Tattooer could finish the same line drawing differently, 5 different ways and enjoy each fresh application with the new opportunity to do it differently, color or black and grey, different flourishes and embellishments, a little of this and a little of that, voila, magic. That is the power and versatility of a line drawing. 

For a working Tattooer this Mini Mandala drawing, Reference Book, easily pays for itself. Tattooing just one of the designs will more than cover the cost of the book.

The feature of this book which make it unique to Tattooing are:

  1. - The book is coil bound, with a soft cover Binding, so that it easily opens back on itself and lays flat on a photocopier, for easy photocopying or enlarging.
  2. - The drawings are dark, thick black lines for easy Thermal copier / Stencil machine transfers.
  3. - 101 line drawings to choose from, to either allow a customer to directly pick one out of the book so the Tattooer can apply it within 5 minutes, or at least refine the customers ideas with visual cues so that the Artist will better know what the customer wants in pictures rather than words.
  4. - The books have heavy material covers to last a long time and resist abuse, wear, and tear.
  5. - The book comes with the promotional poster included in the binding so it can be copied and posted at any time, it cannot be lost without great effort!
  6. - 8.5 x 5.5-inch size makes it fit easily into any back pack, travel bag or book case.
  7. - The heavy Coil binding makes the book easy to flip through and the book lays flat on the table for easy viewing.
  8. - The Clear front and back covers are robust, protecting the contents within and will last a lifetime of regular use.

This Travel Edition of our Mini Mandala - Tattoo Artist's Reference Book: Volume 1, not only makes a great Mandala specific flash book for a busy street Tattoo Shops to let customer/clients/collectors flip through to find the perfect Mandala, which can be easily customized by each individual artist, but also makes a great reference book for custom Tattooers, to themselves easily flip through 101 versions of Mini Mandalas to be inspired to draw their own versions and compositions, it is the quick draw rose bible. Also, this makes a super hip and fun coloring book for adults who might not want to be seen coloring a less adult subject lol, Also it makes a great coffee table book to start up a conversation when anything less Tattoo Scene just won't do.






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