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This website was created to help Tattooers get their non-Tattoo Products to collectors, through a Society of Artist who have a common interest and goals. What makes us different is that here only the Artist makes money from their Art, while only a small percentage of sales revenue is used to keep this website up and running as well as funding product development and order fulfillment.

This website is created to start an organization to help any other Tattoo Artist who wish to have their own art products, available, promoted and handled through the Society. The only people who make money off the art are the Artist creators themselves. Only the Artist makes money from his Art. A regular corporate structure does not favor the Artist's interest , instead, only the interests of the shareholders of the corporation. On the other hand, this Society is set up for the very purpose of promoting the artist own interest, in a small group who are accountable to each other. We are held together by mutual self-interest. All members of the society will know each other and everyone involved, including the printers, t-shirt makers, and the lot. A small percentage of each sale will be used to keep the website running, keep communications open, orders being filled and shipped, and any extra pooled to fund future printing and production expenses. All our products will be made locally, by local businesses, from locally sourced materials where possible and sold globally. $5 from every purchase will be donated to charity to give back to the community which gives to us and allows us to do our Art.

This is a for us by us Tattoo Artist Society. By having a common website which people can purchase these non-Tattoo products, more efficiently uses our collective resource, rather than ten sites, one for each artist, a common site for 10 artists shares operating expenses, employees, and advertising opportunities.

We welcome any other Tattoo Artist who would like to have their Flash, Art Book, Prints and t-Shirts provided through us.

East Coast Tattoo Charity

$5 dollars from every sale on this website is donated to the soon to be created East Coast Tattoo Charity, which will sponsor the upcoming Nova Scotian Straight Edge Society, Art Scholarships and children's events.If you or someone you know could benefit from the Visual Arts Scholarships, or the other programs, or you would like to help out, [...]

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